Statement on COVID-19

As the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been inching closer and closer to our community the library has been approached by many of our patrons with questions and concerns. While the threat of an outbreak in Cambridge is still very low, we believe it is important to be prepared, remain calm, and stay well-informed of the developing situation.
Our staff will be taking extra precautions by disinfecting the computers, desks, stair rails, toys and other high traffic hard surfaces within the library before, during, and after each day. We have informed our staff that anyone who is experiencing fever, cough, or difficulty breathing should stay home. We also ask that any patrons who have experienced these symptoms stay home to avoid exposing others. If you HAVE been ill and return books to the library, please let a staff member know so that the books can be disinfected before shelving. At this point we will NOT be cancelling any events or introducing any type of social distancing measures. If there is a case in our school and the school is forced to close for 24 hours, the library will follow suit so as not to entice those who are supposed to be isolated into a public space. If a staff member or a patron who frequently visits the library contracts the virus, the library will close for 24 hours to deep clean and receive guidance from CDC and our State Health Department. While both of those scenarios are still very unlikely, it is best to be prepared, not panicked.
Over the next couple of days the library will be developing a comprehensive Public Health Emergency Plan to be prepared for the possibility of community spread. This will be shared with the public as soon as the Library Board approves it.
In the meantime, we encourage our community to educate themselves on COVID-19 by visiting the CDC website, or their local, county, and state health departments’ websites. Please avoid sharing information from sources that are not reliable. Let’s stop the spread of misinformation while we stop the spread of this virus! 😉