Reopening: Next Steps

Don’t forget new hours start tomorrow!! Wednesday, Friday and Saturday the library building will be open for browsing, and other in-person services. Some important reminders:
*Masks are REQUIRED to enter the building and must be worn properly at all times.
*If you cannot wear a mask for ANY reason please contact the Library Director and we will work out reasonable accommodations to serve you.
*Building capacity will be restricted with no more than 10 individuals inside the building at one time. 
*Use of a library computer will require an appointment. Computer use will be limited to 30 minutes per appointment with a 15 minute interval for cleaning and disinfecting.
*A library staff member can be contacted during OPEN hours by calling the library at 518-677-2443 or by emailing the Library Director at
***Please be patient with the staff and your community members as we begin the next steps of this process. We look forward to seeing our patrons, even if it is only briefly!! 😉